There are various kinds of dog crates as well as variations for each type as well. When planning to buy a crate for your pup or dog, always remember that this is going to be their home. You better have to take some time in searching for the right size and type that would fit to the needs of your dog and yours as its owner.


The size of the pup/dog is going to depend on the size of the dog crate that you'll need. Some of the crates come with dividers to adjust the crate's size to the growth of the pet. Generally, the dog must be able to stand and even turn around while inside it. To help you in searching, here are some details that you must know.


Solid Plastic PupPicks Dog Crates


These are sturdy partnered with openings that are near its top to allow airflow. Airflow is necessary for secure travel like in an airplane. They may be safer as well in car accident compared to other kinds there is. The door is actually a squeeze latch which provides great security and a one-handed operation. The plastic also makes it a lot easier to clean. Though there are some drawbacks of it like the fact that not all plastic crates could be taken apart when it is not in used, thus they're taking up space. You may gather more details about dog crates from


Wire and Aluminum Dog Crates


These 2 are very similar but the aluminum crate may either be folding or fixed. These crates are light in weight. So long as it is properly constructed, they don't rust and can be very sturdy. Usually, wire crates can be folded for the purpose of transportation or storage. Although, it may be hard to do and they're fairly heavy for its size.


Both wire and aluminum crates have good airflow and vision for dogs. They're both ideal for use at car travel, permanent den for your pet and even at veterinary hospitals. What's more, there are many different varieties of pads and covers available that make the crates more comfortable and safe.


Soft Dog Crates



These can be folded easily for storage or transporting along with the fact that it is lightweight. They are providing your dog with stronger sense of security when in strange places while making it possible to have good airflow and visibility. However, this can't be used with dogs that are likely to chew or dig at their crate, click here to buy now!