Dog crates come in different types and variations for every type too. When you are planning to buy a crate for your dog or pup, always keep in mind that this will be their home. You have to take some time when searching for the right type and size that would fit to not just to your personal needs but to your dogs as well.


The size of your dog depends on the size of the crate that you have to buy. A few of the crates come with a built-in divider to be able to easily adjust the size of the crate as soon as your pet starts on growing. In general, dogs should be able to turn around and stand while inside. Well, to help you with your search to decide which one to buy, here are some types of crates available in the market today.


Number 1. Solid plastic dog crates at - these are very sturdy along with openings that are near the tops to have good airflow. Airflow is very important to have a secure travel like in plane. They can also be safer in a car accident than other types of crates out there. Actually, the door is a squeeze latch that is providing great security and one-handed operation. The plastic at the same time is easier to clean.


Number 2. Wire and aluminum dog crates - these crates have great similarity but aluminum crates might be folding or fixed. These crates are also lightweight. Considering that they are constructed properly, they will not rust and proven to be very sturdy. Normally, these wire crates can be folded for the purpose of storage or even transportation. Learn more about dog  crates at


As a matter of fact, both aluminum and wire crates have excellent vision for dogs and good airflow. Both are very ideal for use as a permanent den for your dog, car travel and you'll even see them often in various veterinary hospitals. Not only that, there are lots of variants of pads as well as covers that make these crates safer and more comfortable to use.



Number 3. Soft dog crates - these can be easily folded for transportation or storage, plus the fact that they're light in weight. They also provide your dog with a stronger sense of security when in strange places while also making it feasible to have good visibility and airflow. On the other hand, if your dog has a habit of chewing or digging at their crate, you may want to avoid buying one. Click here for more info