If you are thinking about owning a puppy or a dog, then certainly you already have undergone loads of researches about how to train them to become obedient and a part of your family. With a lot of researches nowadays, only a few gets the winning title, and it is the dog crates. They are the most successful way to train your puppy because when your dog is in the crate, he is less to get something he wanted to get. A lot of dogs die because they eat anything they see, and they didn't have the capacity to analyze if its good for their health or not. Doing a crate to your dog will constantly keep your dog safe.


Vigilant consideration must always be given to your typical weather and in scrupulous, to shielding your dog from snow, rain,  the wind, and extreme heat or the sunshine. If you don't have trees nearby or an appropriate dog house that can give protection for your pet, it is highly suggested that you mull over the covering at least a piece of your dog's crate with this weatherproof cover. For additional security, the modular panels of the crate can also be used to make a chain link or wire mesh roof for additional safety against predators like a bobcat, mountain lions (cougar), lynx,  large birds of prey, and even individuals who tried to take your dog! You may read further about dog crates at


As a final point, When you make a decision towards the right dog crate at, you need to obtain few garnishes to place inside of it. If you have a dog to battle separation anxiety, place a towel or blanket in the crate with your smell. Since dogs depend greatly on scents, this will keep them remember you at all times they will become comfortable. Additionally, when you begin to introduce your dog at the crate, always remember to take your time.



You must not leave your dog alone in the crate for longer hours at first. You must consider that amount of time because they can't easily cope up. They are smart but not smart as humans. Everything you teach will take three days for them to comprehend, and some others may take weeks. You also need to supervise your dog while inside the PupPicks crate. If he begins to whine or bark, redirect the attention of your dog and try to correct it. If you allow them to go out in the crate while whining or barking, then you are making your dog a disobedient one.